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Monty C. Benjamin – FAQs (ft. Devin Burgess, Jaybee Lamahj & D-Eight)

Monty C. Benjamin - FAQs

Monty C. Benjamin - FAQsThe new single from Monty C. Benjamin is a true Cincinnati collaboration effort, pulling together several artists from the city that are defining the sound of the new generation. I had the opportunity to in on the studio session with Monty, Devin Burgess, JayBee Lamahj, D-Eight and Arkane Beats as they laid their respective contributions down towards Monty’s forthcoming project, “In Confidence”.

Monty is currently riding the wave of his most recent single “Friends”, which has already received a visual treatment and spins on The Wiz. As we approach his first body of work in several years, Monty’s fanbase grows anxious for new music, sentiments which will only be heightened with every release like today’s single.