Devin Burgess - Escape EP
Artwork by Chirophelia

Steadily dropping musical gems since 2012, Devin Burgess is quickly becoming one of the most watched emcees in the city. From his debut mixtape The Elegant Project up to his most recent release Celestialove earlier this year, Devin has consistently honed in on his fluid and spacey vibe that you can’t help but nod your head to.

Today Devin drops his follow up project, Escape EP, in collaboration with Michigan-native producer Fyvr, which is right on par with the lyrically-driven, lo-fi, trippy vibes that have become his signature. The EP conceptually captures the theme of escape; escaping worldly realities like police brutality, depression, drug dependency and sex, to escaping reality in its entirety. Devin also dwells on sentiments of self-worth, making Escape his most personal project to date.

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Twitter: @D_BurgessMusic
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Instagram: @5rbeats