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#SupportTheReal: Simone Yael

Simone YaelEvery Monday, Cincinnati emcee Monty C. Benjamin will highlight another artist in his ongoing #SupportTheReal spotlight series.

This week’s #SupportTheReal feature is actress, model and photographer Simone Yael.

Originally hailing from Chicago’s south side, Simone Yael’s background is originally Theatre for performance and production. However, she strives to “plant seeds” in every artistic expression to “see what sprouts”. Since relocating to St. Louis in 2016, Simone has curated creator. Brand, joined DELUX magazine as an editor, worked full time with St. Louis charter schools, all while acting, modeling and working as a photographer and a retail sales adviser for H&M. She believes we all were created to create and never takes that responsibility lightly.

Follow Simone Yael at:

Twitter: @SimoneActs


Simone Yael