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Monty C. Benjamin Drops “Venting III” with Lantana & Oski Isaiah

Monty C. Benjamin - Venting III (ft. Lantana & Oski Isaiah) [prod. Ktoven]
Artwork by Matt Scheer

Throughout the summer, Monty C. Benjamin has been holding “power sessions” leading into the release of his forthcoming album In Confidence. At his side for each step of the process is Arkane Beats, who is responsible for the engineering of the album.

For the final power session before the project’s release, we are in the Pluto room at Timeless Studios. Earlier today, chart-topping Canadian rock outfit Theory of a Deadman laid down some acoustic tracks before their scheduled performance at Bogart’s.

Night session with @montycbenjamin and @arkanebeats at @timelessrstudio

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As Ark and Monty get situated on the boards for a night of final touches, the Ktoven beat starts flowing through the room and Monty starts riding it.

From the back of the room comes a shout:

“Oh, we on some rap shit in here?”

Enter: Lantana, complete with Remy Martin. As the Remy and other passable goods rotate around the room, Lantana chimes into the beat, completely off-the-dome, as if he had been writing to it for weeks. Everyone in the room is in agreement – we need to hit record.

@montycbenjamin x @lantanaeasy x @arkanebeats

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Monty occupies the booth first, fitting his Remy-influenced lyrics into a pattern that meshes perfectly into the space between snappy snare hits. With the Hov-esque fashion of needing minimal takes to get it right, Monty sets the tone for the room. To answer Lantana’s original question: we are definitely on some rap shit in here.

Lantana takes the booth, adapting his off-the-dome bars to the instrumental just a little tighter. With every take, you can hear the wheels turning, turning loose melodies into words, then forging the words together into bars. It’s during this lyrical alchemy that DJ Fresh arrives, followed closely by Oski Isaiah. From the minute Oski sits down in the Pluto room, he gets out his phone and pens his own lyrics for the track at hand. As the beat cuts out, Oski continues to type without it. “Writing without the beat, that’s cold,” remarks Lantana.

As the night rolls on, other creatives including M-80 Beats and Love Keyyz pop in as if everyone is magnetized together by their respective creative forces. Before letting Oski get his contribution to the track on wax, we move to the main vocal booth at Timeless Recordings to record what we came here for; DJ Fresh’s reverb-y intro to Monty’s project. Fresh assures the future listeners of In Confidence that what we’ve been waiting for is finally here. His endorsement is only one of many from leaders in Cincinnati’s rap scene, if not already made abundantly clear by the level of talent surrounding him on this Tuesday night.

@m80beats and @montycbenjamin dropping by to get some work in last night!

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DBLCIN is proud to present the brand new track “Venting, Pt. 3” from Monty C. Benjamin, featuring Lantana and Oski Isaiah with production by Ktoven.