Fort Ancient Records - First Team
Artwork by Habi Beaux

Fort Ancient Records has inarguable made their presence known throughout 2017. As their first full year as a Cincinnati-native Beat collective comes to a close, they announce that they have no intentions of slowing by announcing an EP titled First Team to hit the internet on December 29th.

The first peek at First Team is a doozy, as the production camp lets off the single “Convos” featuring highly-celebrated Cincinnati emcee Monty C. Benjamin, riding an instrumental crafted by Fort Ancient beat-makers Homage (CVG), Waldo from Cincinnati and Samuel Steezmore. With the single’s artwork also composed by the latter-named producer, “Convos”, like most Fort Ancient releases, is done completely in-house.

If this is what Fort Ancient Records has for the end of 2017, we can only imagine what 2018 will bring.