Samuel Steezmore - Real
Artwork by Samuel Steezmore

If you’ve had your ears and eyes remotely geared toward Cincinnati Hip Hop for the past year, the emergence of Samuel Steezmore and boom-bap beat-making collective Fort Ancient Records comes as review for you.

The producer camp has been hard at work, releasing two collective releases, GATSBY in August, donning the barreling flow of Speed (fka Buggs Tha Rocka), and wrapping up the year wth First Team, featuring an introspective exposé by Monty C. Benjamin.

Along the way, several members dropped off projects of their own, By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition by label spearhead Homage (CVG), and Dren AD’s Travel, home of the soaring, soulful track “The Salesman” with Charlie Bonepart. Fort Ancient Records kicks off the new year with their first release from a voice you may not have heard, but whose beats have been tangled up in most of the aforementioned projects.

Featured in the DBLCIN Magazine End Of 17 issue, ‘The Leopard’ Samuel Steezmore‘s key role in Fort Ancient has been aesthetic as the in-house designer, on top of being a contributing producer. However, today Sammy shakes off several years of dust to lay down some lyrics in his brand new, self-produced single “Real“.

In the new quasi-introductory single, Steezmore fills us in on what moves him in music.

I want real songs, you can keep the bars,
You can keep the little bitches actin’ like stars,
I just want the songs, give me real music,
I need the real deal right now or I’ma lose it

The music coming from Steezmore and his animorphic counterparts can all be categorized as “real”, making the new single a perfectly descriptive lead-off for 2018. As the label members continue to grow and show their versatility, we will undoubtedly begin to see a shift in our community that leads to a greater appreciation of the soul in real songs.

The new single will live on Samuel Steezmore’s forthcoming EP Songs by a Lonely Boy, expected in April.

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