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Monty C. Benjamin - FAQs

Monty C. Benjamin – FAQs (ft. Devin Burgess, Jaybee Lamahj & D-Eight)

The new single from Monty C. Benjamin is a true Cincinnati collaboration effort, pulling together several artists from the city that are defining the...

Tay the Kid “M.O.A.K.” @taykeepit100

Latest Single from Tay the Kid, reaching into dark side of the mind, coming through with a message that hit different aspects of modern...

GrandAce “Living At Last” @theegrandace

The song is essentially about black culture and how we all can come together when it's needed no matter what's going on even if...

MileHigh Vega “Speakeasy” @TheOfficialMC

First single off the upcoming EP "Vega Castro" Happy MileHigh Monday! -The Only Congress You Can Trust

Wicked Haize “Right Now” @Wickedhaize

"Right Now" is a song with much club potential. Something a little different giving more of a variety of music than the average artist....

Perry Louis Rich “No Friends” @perrylouisrich New Single produced by Perry Louis Rich off of the upcoming project (Hair-Dye and Handguns) a dark antisocial anthem with melodic hook.

Stackz “OCD” @Aka_Stackz

OCD A good ole Counting money song produced by Local producer B.Coxx who has worked with numerous artist

GrandAce “Own Ventures!” @TheeGrandAce

My name is GrandAce. I’m a hip hop artist from the Midwest (Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio) and I make music to make people feel good. I’d...

Malan “Chingy” @malan_21

Malan is back with a new up-beat, melodic track called "Chingy". Engineered by Timeless Studio's (Who has worked with popular acts such as K.Camp,...