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Cing Curt

#SupportTheReal: Cing Curt Drops DBLCIN Exclusive Track “Livin’ Life”

Every Monday at 5:13, Cincinnati emcee Monty C. Benjamin will highlight another artist in his ongoing #SupportTheReal spotlight series. This week’s #SupportTheReal feature is emcee Cing Curt Cing...
Fort Ancient Records - The Roaring 20s (ft. Speed)

Fort Ancient Records – “The Roaring 20s” (ft. Speed)

Cincinnati's newest collective hits the ground running as they gear up for the release of their debut group album, GATSBY. One of Cincinnati's most celebrated...
Cing Curt - Dream On It

Cing Curt – “Dream On It”

Cing Curt is proving himself to be one of the more diverse artists in the tristate. Having served up a very Brooklyn-esque flow throughout last...
Monty C. Benjamin - FAQs

Monty C. Benjamin – FAQs (ft. Devin Burgess, Jaybee Lamahj & D-Eight)

The new single from Monty C. Benjamin is a true Cincinnati collaboration effort, pulling together several artists from the city that are defining the...

Tay the Kid “M.O.A.K.” @taykeepit100

Latest Single from Tay the Kid, reaching into dark side of the mind, coming through with a message that hit different aspects of modern...

GrandAce “Living At Last” @theegrandace

The song is essentially about black culture and how we all can come together when it's needed no matter what's going on even if...

MileHigh Vega “Speakeasy” @TheOfficialMC

First single off the upcoming EP "Vega Castro" Happy MileHigh Monday! -The Only Congress You Can Trust

Wicked Haize “Right Now” @Wickedhaize

"Right Now" is a song with much club potential. Something a little different giving more of a variety of music than the average artist....

Perry Louis Rich “No Friends” @perrylouisrich New Single produced by Perry Louis Rich off of the upcoming project (Hair-Dye and Handguns) a dark antisocial anthem with melodic hook.

Stackz “OCD” @Aka_Stackz

OCD A good ole Counting money song produced by Local producer B.Coxx who has worked with numerous artist