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Thank you for choosing to submit your music to DBLCIN.com and DBLCIN Magazine. We are excited to hear what you’re doing!

If you are submitting on behalf of an artist as Publicist, Label Rep or Manager, please submit to and add media@dblcin.com to your media email list.

If you are submitting as an artist, please enclose all necessary files, links, artwork, and information in an email to submit@dblcin.com. Please include whether the submission would be premiered content, and include the projected release date. We will accept links to Google Drive, DropBox, etc. for large files.

To send just a brief message or update, fill out the form below.

If we decide to assign your story to the magazine or website, we will contact you through the email address from which your submission was received.

DBLCIN does not promise or guarantee the publishing of any submitted content.