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ADDVantz - Senpa1

ADDVantz Drops 21-Track Mixtape “SENPA1”

After cracking his shell with SS Origins, ADDVantz continues this busy, busy year with a nice, lengthy mixtape titled Senpa1 to steal some life from you. Find...

ADDVantz Begins Anew on “SS Origins” Mixtape

This project was created in order to begin anew. ADDVantz has always been about progression. It's gotten to a point where he's developed comfort...

ADDVantz “Mosaic (モザイク)” @addvantz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLlH0cscmyo&feature=youtu.be Visuals for the lead single for the forthcoming project, ReBranding: Purge. Directed by: Sydney Jenkins Edited by: Ryan Maurits Shot by: D'Juan Capell, Sydney Jenkins, Ryan Maurits,...

ADDVantz “モザイク (Mosaic)” @ADDVantz

https://soundcloud.com/addvantz-twr/mosaic New single. Original Audible Artwork. More to come, weekly....