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DBLCIN is currently looking for writers and other contributors to the site. Applicants should be overly passionate and fairly knowledgeable about the type of content we publish. This is a great place for an aspiring writer or blogger to have their thoughts published online.

This is not an employment opportunity, nor does it guarantee monetary compensation of any form. Depending on the content being covered, there is the possibility for special access to concerts or artists, and other various opportunities when available.

We encourage all aspiring writers or bloggers who wish to publish their words on DBLCIN.com to begin their relationship with us as guest writers. Submit album reviews, opinion or informational pieces, or any other type of writing you feel would compliment our existing content to contribute@dblcin.com.

If published, you will be notified beforehand and credited as the author of the post on DBLCIN.com. Submitted writing must not appear anywhere else on the internet, before or after publishing, and must be 100% original. Submitting plagiarized or copyright infringing work will result in termination of our relationship.